Why I'm Running

We are almost a week post election. I wanted to take this time to thank all the people who voted for me last week. I am proud of the message and tenor of the campaign. There is a long list of individuals who helped me along the way. Obviously, without all the support on the home front I wouldn't have been able to run. My wife Leslie designed my sign and ads, was my soundboard, proofreader and all around partner. Leslie's unyielding belief in me made the journey possible. The memories I have with my daughter by my side knocking on doors and marching in parades will last forever. I want to make a point and thank my two drivers David Weeda and Nancy Minott. They both put in a lot of time helping me reach out to the community. I'm lucky to have friends so willing to lend a hand when asked. David was my most committed and enthusiastic supporter outside my family and I can say I have made a friend for life. I always felt supported and appreciated by the Bucksport Democratic Municipal Committee. Many thanks go out to everyone who wrote letters to the editor on my behalf, I won't forget the kind words and confidence you have in me. Since I began the campaign late I was not able to participate in Maine's Clean Election Program. As a result I had to run a traditionally financed campaign asking for donations. I received donations from over sixty individuals. The generosity of my family, friends and strangers was amazing and a real show of support. As a newcomer to running for elected office I had a big learning curve. Thank you Diane Russell, Erik Gundersen, Phil Bailey, John Knutson and Mary Jane Bush for your council and guidance. Lastly, I wanted to thank Senator Bernie Sanders for showing me we can do better when we put people first.

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